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Master Gardener Program - Hickory County (Session 9 of 10)


Thursday, July 6, 2017, 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.


203 Cedar Street, Hermitage MO map...


The Master Gardener volunteer program began in the early 1970’s in response to the rapidly increasing interest in home gardening. The idea was to train knowledgeable garden volunteers to help University Extension staff deliver home gardening information to the public. The idea worked! Today, the Master Gardener volunteer program is recognized nationally as a means for individuals to learn and to share horticultural knowledge with others. A successful candidate for the program is anyone able and willing to donate volunteer hours in the community and/or MU Extension education programs. Master Gardeners develop their gardening and community potential while their efforts help others in the community. Master Gardeners serve as representatives of the University of Missouri Extension. They may engage in a variety of interesting education activities that benefit the community. After completing the course all first-year Master Gardeners must volunteer for 30 hours work to be completing this in Hickory County to complete the program. COURSE CONTENT Course consists of eleven, 3-hour sessions covering the following topics: Orientation and Paperwork (2 HR Max.) Understanding Soil and Plant Nutrition Plant Growth and Development Annual / Floral and Vegetable Production Perennial Gardening (Trees, Shrubs, and Perennial plants) Raised Bed and Container Grown Gardening Insect and/or Integrated Pest Management Fruit Trees, Bramble Berries, and Grape Production Lawn and Turf Management Plant Diagnostics and Disease Control Greenhouses and High Tunnels Courses will be conducted by MU Extension Specialists and other professionals.

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Plant Diagnostics/Diseases in Gardens


Please contact us @ the Hickory County MU Extension Office in Hermitage Missouri 203 Cedar Street Hermitage, MO 65668 or Call us @ 417 745 6767 or E-mail us at



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The entire program cost $125.00 for all sessions. Any class you are interested in may be taken as a stand alone class at a fee of $15.00 a night. You do not have to go through the Master Gardeners program to enroll and enjoy these course offerings.


William Halleran,
MU Extension in Hickory County
phone: 417-745-6767

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