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Master Gardener Classes - Starting Soon

The University of Missouri Extension Master Gardening class for the Buchanan County area is now forming. The Master Gardener program is for adults who have some gardening experiences and are eager to learn more and are willing to give back to the community by sharing what they learn with other area residents.

The class will start Thursday, April 4th and will be held at the Buchanan County Extensions office 6-9 p.m. Classes cover a wide range of horticulture topics such as ornamentals, insects, plant disease, soils, lawn care, home fruit and vegetable production, perennials, basic landscaping etc.

This year there will be 36 hours of training. The course fee, which covers instruction and course materials, is $110.00 per person or $195.00 per couple. The deadline for registration is March 26th. For more information contact the Buchanan County Extension office at 816-279-1691 or stop by our office at 4125 Mitchell Ave. Information and applications can be found on our web site at: http://extension.missouri.edu/nwhort/mgclass.aspx

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Private Pesticide Applicators training

Individuals needing to obtain or renew their Private Pesticide Applicator certification for the purchase of restricted use pesticides may come into the Buchanan County Extension office and watch a two-hour training video. The training is free of charge with the exception of purchasing the Private Pesticide Applicator Training Reference Manual at a cost of $12. Family members can share one manual. Call the Buchanan County Extension office, 816-279-1691, to schedule your certification or renewal.

Test your soil for better lawns and gardens

Avoid excessive fertilizer use, and guard against nutrient loss. A soil test shows exactly how much lime and fertilizer a lawn or garden needs. Science-based, reliable analysis and unbiased recommendations let you escape hit-or-miss gardening and lawn care. Contact the Buchanan County Extension office today to find out how to collect a sample to bring in for analysis. The analysis is done at the University of Missouri Soil and Plant Testing Laboratory in Columbia at a cost of $16.

Missouri Cash Rental Rates for 2018

The Missouri Cash Rental Rates for 2018 are available now at https://extension2.missouri.edu/G427 or view the PDF guide.

Missouri Cash Rent by County Estimates, Released August 2018 (PDF)

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