Current Low-Literacy Version
Working Handout 1 (pdf)
Why Do You Work?
Working Handout 2 (pdf)
What Do Employers Expect?
Working Handout 2-A (pdf)
Alternate Handout
What Do Employers Expect?
Working Handout 3 (pdf)
Transferring Personal Strengths & Skills to the Workplace
Working Handout 4 (pdf)
Resume & Application
Working Handout 4-A (pdf)
Alternate Application
Working Handout 4-Aa (pdf)
Blank Application
Working Handout 5 (pdf)
Preparing for the Interview
Working Handout 6 (pdf)
Sample Job Descriptions
Working Handout 7 (pdf)
Career Center Packet
Participant Evaluation Form (Word)
What Do You Think?
Facilitator Session Summary Evaluation (Word)  



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