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Adult Program Materials & Purchase Information

Check each module for a full list of materials needed (handouts, flip charts, etc.). The following items are additional pieces to be purchased for learning activities (these are suggested places of purchase – you can order from other places).

Family Strengths

  • BSF placemat (pdf)
  • Interlocking blocks – We used Duplo Legos®. Other brands are available through discount and toy stores.
  • Dry-erase markers – Office supply store or discount store
  • Strengths in The Bag activity kit – Purchase replacement items at discount stores or through toy/party supply companies catalogs (received at facilitator training)
  • Post-it notes


  • “Active Communication: How to win cooperation with your child” – Active Parenting Now Video Library 2: Active Communication, Item #1912 (English), $69.95 plus shipping and handling; 1-800-825-0060 or order online here

Managing Stress

  • Biodots – Biodot company, 1-800-272-2340
  • Relaxation music

Food and Fitness

  • MyPlate laminated poster and pictures of foods
  • “Fitness and Wellness for a Lifetime” DVD series by Dr. Steve Ball, University of Missouri – Available for check out from kit holders. Contact Lucy Schrader for more information at 573-882-4071.
  • Food items – Various food items for label reading activity
  • Empty cups, cans or bottles of various sizes – Examples for activities
  • Miscellaneous art supplies
  • Paper plates
  • Magazines – To cut out pictures of food
  • Sugar
  • Teaspoons
  • Bags (zipper type)
  • Balloons, scarves or plastic shopping bags – Can buy at discount stores or use bags from stores


  • Boss/worker aprons – Aprons with screen print design; we ordered from G Marketing, 573-864-3460 (ask for Building Strong Families boss/worker aprons)

Money Matters

  • Bag of dried beans – Grocery stores

Balancing Responsibilities

  • Group juggle kit – Items such as a ball, paper plate, stuffed toy, roll of toilet paper, and other items that people can throw to each other (items can represent tasks or roles from every day life)

Healthy Home

Kids and Self-Esteem

  • Hand-held mirrors – Discount stores


  • University of Missouri Extension Publications and Guidesheets
    • Call any county Extension office and order by publication number (there may be a cost for copies)
    • Order from the MU Extension Publications website
    • Order by phone, call 573-882-7216 or 800-292-0969

If you have any questions or need information, contact:

Kathy Dothage
Building Strong Families Program Coordinator
University of Missouri Extension
1205 University Avenue, Ste. 400
Columbia, MO 65211

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