Current Alternate Versions
For facilitators:
Training Video about MyPlate (wmv) — Created by Ellen Schuster, Nutrition Associate State Specialist
For facilitators:
What is MyPlate? (pdf)
Ten Tips Nutrition Education Series (on USDA website)  
Dietary Guidelines booklet (pdf)  
MyPlate handout (11x17 pdf)  
MyPyramid 101 (pdf)  
Food Pyramid Activity Guide (Word)  
Whole Grain Handout (pdf)  
Focus on the Food Groups: Fruits En Español: Concéntrese en los Grupos de Alimentos: Frutas (pdf)
Focus on the Food Groups: Vegetables En Español: Concéntrese en los Grupos de Alimentos: Vegetales (pdf)
Label Reading for Better Eating (pdf) En Español: Leyendo las etiquetas para comer mejor (pdf)
Food Card Handout (pdf)  
Dividing Meal Time Responsibilities (pdf)  
Overeating Handout (pdf)  
Meal Planning: Stretching Your Dollar Guidesheet (pdf)  
Living on Less Guidesheet (pdf)  
PAR-Q (link to document page)  
Relay Slips (pdf) En Español: Relevo de tarjetas (pdf)
Facilitator Activity List - for relay (pdf) En Español: Lista de Actividad Para El Facilitador - for relay (pdf)
Next Steps (pdf) En Español: Próximos Pasos (pdf)
Participant Session Evaluation - What Do You Think? (pdf) En Español: Forma de Evaluation del Participante (pdf)
¿Qué Piensa?
Facilitator Session Summary Evaluation (Word)  

For Youth
Physical Activity Graphics in color (pdf)
Green Eggs and Ham Movement Poster in color (pdf)
Grains Activity Graphics in color (pdf)


If you have any questions or need information contact:

Lucy Schrader
Building Strong Families Program Coordinator
University of Missouri Extension
162 Stanley Hall
Columbia, MO  65211

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