Updated Consumer Beware module (October 2011)

Handout 1: Protecting Yourself Against Identity Theft
Handout 2: Credit Report Basics
Handout 3: Scam Scenario Discussion Questions
Handout 4: How to Avoid Fraud
Handout 5: Tips for Avoiding Fraud
Handout 6: What to Ask Before Renting-to-Own
Handout 7: Comparing Prices When You Shop
Handout 8: Payday Loan Chart
Handout 9: Payday Loan Discussion Questions
Handout 10: Finding Ways to Fill the Gap
Handout 11: Next Steps: Brainstorming
Handout 12: Participant Evaluation

Trainer Resources
Resource 1: Fraud & Scams Scenario Cards
Resource 2: Rent-to-Own Statistics & Information
Resource 3: Example Ad
Resource 4: Session Summary

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