Communicating Handout 1 (pdf)
Back-to-Back Drawing Figure
Communicating Handout 2 (pdf)
Scenarios for Listening Activity
Communicating Handout 3
Dialogue Techniques – Please reference page 43 in the Handouts section of this module.
Should-Should Not Cards
The Should-Should Not cards were developed by The Communications Center. Facilitators received a set of cards at training. To order additional Should-Should Not cards, contact Sarah Read, The Communications Center, at info@buildingdialogue.com or by phone at 573-447-0499.
Communicating Handout 4
Suggestions For Using a Deck of “Should-Should Not” Cards – Please reference page 44 in the Handouts section of this module.
Communicating Handout 5 (pdf)
Changing “You” Statements to “I” Statements
Communicating Handout 6
Gottman Repair Checklist – Facilitators can purchase this handout from the link above and can then make additional copies of the purchased handout for participants.
Communicating Handout 7 (pdf)
Relaxation Techniques
Communicating Handout 8 (pdf)
The Five Love Languages
Communicating Handout 9 (pdf)
Session Summary Page (facilitator feedback)
Communicating Handout 10 (pdf)
What Do You Think? (participant feedback)

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