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The next 100 years

In Boone County and across the state, MU Extension improves lives, communities and economies by producing relevant, reliable and responsive educational strategies that enhance access to the resources and research of the University of Missouri.

For 100 years, MU Extension has served the people of Missouri. And now more than ever, we are called on to help people deal with profound and rapid change.

We invite you to join us as we embark on our next 100 years of serving Missourians by making a gift to MU Extension. Your investment in MU Extension's future is an investment in Missouri's future. You can make a lasting difference.

Select a fund to give to today:

Boone County Gift Fund — Provides monies to support local programming in the short-term.

Contributions to this fund do not go into the endowment to generate interest long-term, gift funds are available immediately to supplement the Boone County Extension budget and meet short-term goals.

Boone County Endowment Fund — Ensures long-term funding for local programming efforts.

The Boone County Extension Center has two options for endowment contributions, providing donors with the flexibility to direct their dollars in a more targeted way. Both will help ensure the long-term viability of Extension programming to Boone County residents. Our primary endowment will help offset the cost of office operations. Our goal is to grow the corpus of this endowment to the point that it provides enough interest revenue to significantly reduce our dependence on Boone County taxpayers. Our second endowment will help ensure an adequate level of maintenance and upkeep of our building and grounds. Our office is located on the former Shotte family farm, generously donated to MU Extension in 1984 by Mr. and Mrs. Frank Graham. Mr. Graham had a very long association with Extension in Boone County, as well as statewide and nationally. The office building sits in the footprint of the old farmhouse on a beautiful shaded lot with plantings maintained by Master Gardener and Master Naturalist program graduates. The spring house, hitching post, working water pump, and chicken coop (now storage) are all evidence of the former farm. All contributions to the Boone County Endowment Fund automatically go to the primary endowment, the operations fund, unless otherwise designated by the donor. To make your contribution to the building endowment, you can either add your directions in the 'comments' section of the donation form, or contact the Boone County Extension office directly.

Excellence in Extension Fund — Enables MU Extension to address Missourians' most compelling needs or to take advantage of unexpected opportunities to improve the lives of Missourians.

Statewide initiatives — Supports programming in priority areas on which MU Extension is focusing interdisciplinary efforts.