4-H Awards & Scholarships


Recognition is a significant incentive to further learning. Recognition properly designed and used can inspire young people to continue participating and learning. Young people become active in 4-H because they benefit personally; thus, the focus should be on what they gain from the program and not on the program or organization itself. Young people make choices depending on their need for security, new experiences, response or recognition.

The 4-H recognition and awards program provides a variety of individual recognition and awards to meet the diverse needs and interests of today's youth. Every November, Boone County host their annual recognition night to recognize members for all their hard work during the 4-H year. Members also have the option to apply for awards to be recognized for what they learned and were able to accomplish individually throughout the 4-H year. 

Recognition Forms

Some 4-H members are encouraged by competition and enjoy the opportunity to compete with peers to determine the best project, performance, or achievement.  Members should be reminded that in completion there are winners, but there are many more non-winners.  Members should be prepared to accept the results of the judge’s decision and encouraged to appreciate the valuable learning that took place before, during, and after the competition. 

The Missouri 4-H Recognition from levels 1, 2, and 3 are used as both progress toward personal goals and peer competition; competition was added in 2007 for levels 1 and 2. For levels 1 and 2 the top two applicants will advance to the regional judging.  In level 3, the top 8 or 30% of total applicants will advance to the regional judging.

Download level 1, 2, 3 recognition forms

Project Records

Young people self-select projects and goals at the beginning of the project year and then reflect on the experience at the close of the year. The purpose is to help members learn to set goals, reflect on their experience and apply this experience to other parts of their life. 

Shooting Sports Project Record Form

Missouri Key Award

The Key Award, the highest award a 4-H member can receive, recognizes 4-H members who have achieved significant leadership at the club or group, community and state levels. The Key Award is a prestigious award rewarding 4-H members for their hard work and accomplishments as well as the contribution they have made to the overall 4-H program.

The objective of the Key Award is to encourage the growth of Missouri young people in the areas of leadership, community service and project excellence. 

Missouri Key Award

Boone County Award Applications

Award applications will be posted as each is updated

All forms for 2019 are due at the Boone County Extension Office by Tuesday, Sept.24, 2019 by 4:30 pm. (You can bring them to the Sr Council Meeting)

Outstanding Club Criteria Form

Secretary's Record Book Score Sheet

Treasurer Criteria Form

Ham Curing Award

4-H Project Record

4-H Club Community Service Award (PDF)

4-H Member Community Service Award

Barb's Arts & Crafts Award

Boone County Outstanding Volunteer Award

Margaret Garner Family Award (PDF) I (DOC)

Older Member Dog Care Award (PDF)

Younger Member Dog Care Award (PDF)

Outstanding 4-H Club Award (PDF) 

Sharon Stevens Sewing Award (PDF) 

Youth Service to Communities (PDF)



Boone County Senior 4-H Council Scholarship Application - Due March 1

Joel Haley Scholarship Application - Due June 1

Missouri 4-H Foundation Scholarships

The Missouri 4-H Foundation offers educational scholarships for 4-H youth and former 4-H members pursuing post-secondary study. Sixty scholarships are available, each ranging from $500 to $2,500, and one scholarship application permits the applicant to be considered for any available scholarship. Applications are accepted after January 1st and are due to the Boone County Extension Office by March 1st.

For the application or more information, visit the Missouri 4-H Foundation Scholarship page.