Missouri Blueberry School organizers and cooperators

The Missouri Blueberry School is a collaboration among University of Missouri, Missouri State University and Lincoln University. Collaborators include:

Patrick Byers, University of Missouri Extension

Donna Aufdenberg, University of Missouri Extension

Nahshon Bishop, Lincoln University

Chris Boeckmann, Lincoln University

Touria Eaton, Lincoln University

Ben Fuqua, Missouri State University

Martin Kaps, Missouri State University

Kelly McGowan, University of Missouri Extension

Jennifer Morganthaler, Missouri State University

Marilyn Odneal, Missouri State University

Funding support for Missouri Blueberry School activities is provided by the University of Missouri, Missouri State University, Lincoln University IPM program, Missouri Department of Agriculture Specialty Crops Block Grant program and the USDA-SARE Beginning Farmer program. In addition, the Missouri Blueberry Council and several Missouri blueberry producers have provided monetary support for the Missouri Blueberry School.