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Curriculum viewing guide

English version (PDF)
Spanish version (PDF)

This study guide presents questions and activities that can be used in school, community and 4-H club settings to enrich viewers' experience of the documentary. Many of the questions are open-ended so as to stimulate broad and rich discussions that promote peace, understanding, justice, equality and community betterment. The DVD now comes with Spanish subtitles and a version of the viewing guide is also available in Spanish.

The school curriculum is aligned with the Common Core State Reading Standards for Literacy in History/Social Studies and the Common Core State Writing Standards for Literacy and History/Social Studies. These standards have been adopted by 45 states.

In addition, these questions and activities are aligned with the following National Thematic Standards for Teachers of Social Studies:

  • Culture and cultural diversity
  • Time, continuity and change
  • People, places and environments
  • Individual development and identity
  • Power, authority and governance
  • Civic ideals and practices

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Press release

“Battle: Change From Within” explores an educator’s role in desegregating the Columbia, Mo. schools (PDF)

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Credits — "Battle: Change From Within" (PDF)

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