Smart Parenting

A bimonthly newsletter for parents of infants, toddlers or preschoolers

November 2015 (PDF)
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Kindred Spirits

A bimonthly newsletter for grandparents who are raising grandchildren

December 2015 (PDF)
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August 2015 (PDF)

Creative Living for Seniors

A bimonthly newsletters for senior adults

December 2014 (PDF)

Preserve it Fresh, Preserve it Safe

Informational newsletter for those who produce and preserve food

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The University of Missouri is conducting a Quality for Keeps Survey (PDF) to get feedback and to find how you have used the information from this newsletter. Please fill out the survey and return to: University of Missouri Extension, 116 West Main, Union, MO  63084. If you prefer email:


News 'n Notes January 2014 (PDF)
News 'n Notes June 2014 (PDF)