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2019 Crop Scouting Reports


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Upcoming Extension Events

Regional Hay School - Lamar, February 21

MO Complicated Fence Law - El Dorado, February 21

Growing Local Food Economics -  Springfield, Feb. 21

ReproGene - Nevada, March 4th

Beef Quality Assurance Training- Lamar, March 7th (Barton County Missouri Cattleman's Assoc. will be hosting a BQA training by Dr. Craig Payne, MU Ext Veterinarian, March 7th, 7:00 p.m., Memorial Hall Basement)

MO Pesticide Collection - Mt. Vernon, May 18

Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) Training and Certification

GAP Preparedness Training

Farmer's Market Manager Training     


4-H Cookbooks Available

     4-H Cookbooks commemorating 75 years of 4-H in Barton County are available at the Extension office, 801 E. 12th Street, Lamar.  The cookbook contains 400 pages including recipes from local 4-H members past and present along with tidbits from the history of 4-H in Barton County. These cookbooks are $5.00 each and make a great wedding, birthday, or Christmas gift.



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This app allows you to view a vast selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, produce information, recipes and an easy-to-read colorful chart that shows when produce is in season. A comprehensive list of Missouri Farmers Markets will lead you to locally grown produce anywhere in the state.

To download, simply go to the App Store or Android Market and search "seasonal and simple".


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