MU Extension @ Lamar Free Fair Schedule

 Stop by the MU Extension booth any time during the fair, but look for special demonstrations and information at the scheduled times below!  


Wednesday    6:00-7:30   4-H Demonstrations

                       7:30-9:00   Lamar Lake Project

Thursday        6:00-9:00   Master Gardener’s- Native Landscaping

Friday             6:00-7:30   Patrick Davis- Livestock Specialist

                       7:30-9:00   Jill Scheidt- Drought information

Saturday         3:00-5:00   Mizzou to You

                       5:00-7:00   Lindsey and Theresa- Watermelon Salsa

                       7:00-9:00   Lindsey and Theresa- Un-Beet-able Berry Smoothie


Drought Survival meetings, 2 locations

Friday, August 17th 

SW Research Center in Mt Vernon at 9am

Springfield Livestock Marketing Center at 2pm



Supplementing low quality hay

Herd culling tips

Assessing price of stored forages

Precautions with nitrate and prussic acid

Fall forage alternatives


Call 417-357-6812 to register.

Drought Survival flier (PDF)



Lamar Grazing School - September 10-12, 2018

A three-day seminar on management-intensive grazing for Economic and Environmental Sustainability at the Barton County MU Extension, 417-682-3579.  Registration deadline is September 4, 2018.  For more information contact Jill Scheidt, Agronomy Specialist at scheidtjk@missouri.eduGrazing School Registration Form (PDF) 



Current Crop Scouting Report

Scout Soybeans for Insects 8-1-18 

Hello, this is Jill Scheidt, MU Extension agronomy specialist, with your August 1st crop update.  Fields were scouted west of Lamar, along Hwy O.  Corn ranged from 1/8-1/2 black layer.  Soybeans ranged from double crops in the 5th trifoliate to first crops setting pods.  Little to no active insect activity present. No diseases seen.  Continue scouting for podworms in blooming or further along soybeans by violently shaking plants to knock insects to the ground. Treatment is justified for 1 podworm per foot of row or when 5% of pods are damaged.


Spider mite populations increase under hot dry conditions and can cause economic damage. Several groups of insect predators effectively control spider mites. However, these natural enemies are more susceptible to insecticides, therefore, chemical control, may increase spider mite damage later in the season.  Spider mites are small and typically occur on the undersides of leaves; look for yellowing leaves and check undersides for silvery webbing. In soybean, insecticide is warranted when spider mites are present, and foliage yellowing reaches 20 % before pod set, or 10 % yellowing after pod set. Most pesticides do not kill spider mite eggs, therefore additional applications are sometimes necessary 5 days after the initial treatment. Heavy rains may reduce spider mite populations.


Call 417-682-3579 for more information, thank you.

Crop Scouting Enrollment Form (PDF)


New Publications Available at Barton County Extension Office

Just in time for Spring planting we have Garden Journal and Calendars available. These spiral bound record books offer plot plans, plant profiles, a month to month garden tips section and much more. In our Better Living Cooking 2 publication there are many recipes and informal articles. Both publications are available for free at 801 E 12th St, Lamar. Call 417-682-3579 for more information.


Free "Seasonal and Simple" app available

This app allows you to view a vast selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, produce information, recipes and an easy-to-read colorful chart that shows when produce is in season. A comprehensive list of Missouri Farmers Markets will lead you to locally grown produce anywhere in the state.

To download, simply go to the App Store or Android Market and search "seasonal and simple".

"Start Younger, Live Longer"

Visit University of Missouri Extension Nutrition and Health Facebook page for updated nutrition information, healthy snack ideas and fitness suggestions.  

Start Younger Live Longer

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