P.A.T. | Pesticide Applicator's Training

What is PAT?

Each year the University of Missouri Extension in Barry County does a training to give information to agriculture producers who have a need to purchase and use pesticides.

Extension has partnered with the Department of Agriculture to better educate those who would have need for private use of pesticides. People are made more aware of pesticide uses and possible problems as the result of increased news media coverage in a number of areas including chemicals and water quality.  Training session are held in Cassville by Tim Schnakenberg, University of Missouri Agronomy Specialist. Retraining every five years is required to maintain a pesticide license to purchase and use restricted-use pesticides.

You are required to purchase a Manual the first time you have the training. If you can bring the manual back with you to any subsequent training you will not be required to purchase another.

We hold training only for private use for ag producers on their own farm. If you wish to have a commercial license of any sort you may contact the Missouri Department of Agriculture.

This year the training date is February 13, 2018. We will present the training program for both new and recertification. The program will be offered that afternoon in the Commissioners room in the old courthouse and repeated that evening at the Cassville High Ag building. Please call the Extension office to reserve your place at either meeting. 847-3161


Jar test helps determine compatible chemical mixes

I'm often asked if certain pesticides can be tank-mixed, or if they will mix with liquid fertilizer. Many are compatible, but some are not. There are two types of incompatibilities. One is chemical incompatibility. When this happens, the resultant mixture will cause chemical degradation of one or all materials in the mixture, which will result in poor efficacy of the products. Read More