Food Preservation, Be Safe

Time to test your canner gauge

The following is a list of approved Guide Sheets from Extension

You may locate them at enter the GH number in the search box. You may download a free PDF.

Quality for Keeps publications:

GH1451 - Before You Start to Can,
Learn the Basics
GH1452 - Steps to Success in Home
GH1454 - Preserve Your Garden Delights—
How to Can Fresh Vegetables
GH1455 - Fruitful Canning
GH1456 - Tantalizing Tomatoes—How to
Can Fresh Tomato Products
GH1457 - Pickling Basics—In a Pickle
GH1459 - Pack a Pickled Product
GH1461 - Sweet Spreads and Syrups
GH1490 - Canning Meat, Fish and Poultry
GH1501 - Freezing Basics
GH1502 - Freezing Fruits
GH1503 - Freezing Vegetables
GH1504 - Freezing Meat, Poultry, Fish,
Eggs and Dairy Products
GH1505 - Freezing Home-Prepared Foods
GH1506 - Freezer Problem Solver
GH1507 - Freezing Unusual Fruits and
GH1562 - Drying Foods
GH1563 - How to Dry Foods at Home
GH1564 - Food Preservation—How to Use
Dried Foods


Curriculum support  

Welcome back to school! Teachers, as you continue to develop your classroom curriculum, consider adding a school visit from MU Extension’s Jacquie Howell to support your content. Email Jacquie at for information on her custom presentation for your classroom needs.

Fresh produce at farmers markets

The best way to ensure you are getting a balanced diet is to eat a rainbow on each plate. Farmers markets make it easy to get purchase fresh local produce to create your “rainbow.” Find the closest farmers market to you on the Missouri Farmers Market Directory.

Community support

Weekly, we work collaboratively to support the local food banks, such as Crosslines and Cassville Community Food Pantry and Barry County WIC.

Visit the Cassville Democrat article Food pantry continues to assist community about the Feeding America program at our county seat.