Procedures and best practices

Sportsmanship for Spectators

Written by Ohio State, Sportsmanship for Spectators (PDF) gives good ideas for appropriate sportsmanship for people in the stands — whether at the fair or at the ball game. No matter how old you are, you are a role model!

Missouri 4-H Meeting Method: A new look at parliamentary procedure for 4-H clubs

Do you think Roberts Rules of Order is the only game in town? Think again. Missouri 4-H Meeting Method (PDF)

It's important to say thank you!

Sometimes thank you letters or notes aren't written because it's hard to know where to start. Find out how in It's Important to Say "Thank You" (PDF).

Club leader resources

Project resources

Various project resources

Activities for Aerospace, Animal Science, Arts & Crafts, Clothing, Electricity, Entomology, Foods & Nutrition, Forestry, Horse, Horticulture, Photography, Science, and Woodworking. 

Project resources from Ohio 4-H