Top Bred Heifers to Sell Nov. 26 in Kingsville


The West Central Missouri Show-Me-Select Bred Replacement Heifer sale will be held at 11 a.m., Saturday, Nov. 26 at the Kingsville Livestock Auction, Kingsville, Mo., reports David Hoffman, University of Missouri Extension livestock specialist.

The sale features 200 plus head of crossbred and purebred heifers – many of which are artificially inseminated -- that will calve from February through April, 2017.  The heifers are Angus, Angus cross, Gelbvieh cross, Red Angus cross, and Simmental cross.

Hoffman says that 90 percent of the heifers are black or black baldies with most bred to Angus bulls with approved calving ease EPDs (expected progeny difference) that put them in the “calving ease” category.  There will be a few elite groups of registered Angus heifers, Simmental heifers and Balancer heifers.  Many of the heifers are from producers that have participated in the Missouri Show-Mi-Select heifer program for many years and are producing multi generation Show-Me-Select heifers.

The sale heifers were selected, managed, and screened to minimize the risk involved with bringing replacement females into production in your herd.  All heifers are reproductively sound, and are bred to reduce the incidence and severity of calving problems.  The bred heifers will be sorted into sale lots according to breed type, size, and expected calving dates (calve within a 45-day period).  All heifers have undergone a comprehensive health and parasite program and screened for structural and physical soundness.  All heifers in the sale have been vaccinated with a one-shot scour vaccine.

“In addition to the screening process, we encourage the local consignors to provide genetic background information on the heifers like breed makeup, sire information, and carcass data,” said Hoffman. 

The heifers will be sorted into uniform lots with expected calving dates no greater than 45 days apart and will be available for viewing by 3:00 p.m. on Friday, day before the sale.

More information (including sale catalogs) may be obtained at the Extension Centers nearest you or online at  If you have any question, please contact David Hoffman, Livestock Specialist headquartered in Cass County at 816-380-8460 or .