Perilla Mint Toxic Weed Found In Many Pastures


Perilla mint is a weed that is becoming more common. This annual weed in the mint family tends to be found in shady areas. Like others in the mint family, it has a square stem. Foliage is green with purple coloring. Because of its coloring it may be planted as an ornamental and escape into forage fields. Thankfully livestock usually avoid eating it, but if pasture  forage is short, they may be more likely to eat it. The same if it is baled into hay or  silage. Plants that are wilted after treating with herbicides also may be more attractive to livestock so don’t let them in treated areas until the foliage decomposes.   For help in identifying weeds, go the weed identification website at or download the free idweeds app.     


 Source: Pat Miller, Agronomy Specialist