University of Missouri Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Website

For over 30 years, the University of Missouri IPM program has served the agriculture, horticulture, and urban pest management sectors in educating Missouri's citizens on responsible and sustainable pest management methods.

An interlinked community of state faculty  specialists, regional extension specialists, the MU Soil Testing and Plant Diagnostic Service, and MU IPM staff strive to deliver timely updates of ongoing and  potential pest problems, and the research-based approaches to controlling them. Coordinating our efforts with our  partners at Lincoln University broadens the reach of our land grant mission and allows the collective to accomplish even more.

In 2016, we unveiled a new IPM website for Missouri that acts as a modernized communication vehicle for our pest monitoring program, newsletter articles, and social media information. Our state and regional specialists are engaged in an array of research programs that aren't just a reaction to current problems, but also proactively plan for future pest threats. Sign-up for alerts!