Integrated Weed Management Resource Center


Combining tools to combat herbicide resistant weeds


 Herbicide resistance is a rising economic problem in American agriculture. Increasingly, growers, crop consultants, and other ag professionals are looking toward Integrated Weed Management to eradicate resistant weeds on their farms. IWM allows growers to use multiple tactics together in order to attack weeds from multiple angles.


The Integrated Weed Management (IWM) Resource Center is a place to find helpful, trustworthy resources on using integrated weed management for herbicide resistant weeds. This website is updated regularly by a team of weed  scientists from 14 universities and the USDA Agricultural Research Service as part of an area-wide project.

On this website:


· Find a clearinghouse of reliable educational resources necessary to integrate new weed management practices successfully, from trusted sources throughout the US

· Ask questions and participate in discussions about herbicide resistant weed management

· Read up-to-date articles on IWM innovations and herbicide resistant weeds

· Learn what herbicide resistant weeds are in your state right now



Submitted: Joni Harper, Agronomy Specialist