Get Ready to Mow Your Lawns

Get ready to start mowing and remember the first one often takes longer as you’ll likely have to clean up sticks and leaves. Do you need a new lawn mower? Consider an electric mower. I got one last year, figuring it was less maintenance and it would be safer for my teenagers to use. The quietness is pleasant; my son described it like pushing an air conditioner across the lawn.  It has two batteries and one can get about 45 minutes out of it between the two.

Crab grass preventer is commonly applied to cool season lawns, and should be put down before April 15th.  But a little realized detail is that bare soil warms up quicker than sod. Since crabgrass germinates based on soil temperature, it will do so earlier where the soil is bare/open places. If you have that situation, consider applying at the earlier date, which is April 1st. Many crab grass preventers include fertilize. This is ok, especially if you only fertilized once in the fall. But if you fertilize now, it would be best to NOT fertilize later this spring, with another weed control and fertilizer product. Two applications of fertilizer

Source: James Quinn, horticulture specialist for University of Missouri Extension active in the central area of the state. He is an avid gardener and enjoys his position to provide advice and programming in horticulture.