Horticulture radio programs

By Jennifer Schutter, horticulture specialist

October 2015

Short supply means higher price for pumpkin this year

Top 10 tips for long-living trees

Harvesting, storing and using pumpkins

The Chickadee's guide to gardening...in your garden, choose plants that help the environment

September 2015

Growing chrysanthemums in the garden

Fall garden cleanup

Watch for fall webworms

Fall is the best time of year for lawn care

August 2015

Preserving the harvest

Monarch butterflies need our help

Fruit trees struggle to survive wet season

July 2015

Planting a fall garden

Home garden sweet corn

Diseases and disorders of tomatoes

Test compost before adding to garden soil

June 2015

Rain, humidity causing disease in lawns and gardens

Weather plays havoc with fruits and vegetables

Rose slugs...a pest of rose bushes

Growing tropical and hardy hibiscus

May 2015

Trees vulnerable to storm damage

Concerns about Emerald Ash Borer

Controlling weeds in your lawn and garden

Springtime in the lawn and garden

April 2015

Container gardening: thrillers, fillers and spillers

Evergreens serve many functions in the landscape

Tips for gardening in April

March 2015

Spring planting is underway

Spring garden preparation

Preparing for spring planting

Early spring bloomers in the garden

February 2015

Pruning, not topping, best if done in February or March

Organic practice: soil health

Caring for your Valentine's Day flowers

Winter chores abundant in home fruit planting

January 2015

Preventing salt damage to plants (MP3)

Try something new for the new year (MP3)

Caring for houseplants during the winter (MP3)

Bringing sunshine indoors (MP3)

Winter in the garden...feeding the birds (MP3)

December 2014

A gardeners night before Christmas (MP3)

Mistletoe and holly (MP3)

Poinsettias...a favorite holiday plant (MP3)

Selection and care of Christmas trees (MP3)

November 2014

Decorating for the holidays with fresh greenery (MP3)

Protect plants now from winter damage (MP3)

Winter squash — a healthy autumn offering (MP3)

Preparing your garden for winter

October 2014

Autumn around the garden

Fall planting of bulbs

Selecting and using pumpkins

The color of trees

Tips for around the garden in October

September 2014

Ragweed, not goldenrod, causes allergies

First-aid for storm damaged trees

Prepare now for fall lawn renovation

August 2014

It's grape harvesting time

The many types of tomatoes

Hostas: Shade plants for your landscape

Plant a fall garden and preserve the harvest

Preserving your garden produce