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Market Hog check in

Due to a deadly pig virus (PEDv) going across the nation we will not be holding Adair county pig weigh-in again this year. This virus has reported high death loss in weaning pigs and for that reason we want to take extra precaution on how we handle, transport and enter properties that have pigs. Some key things to note if traveling to a pig farm.

1. Take a shower before leaving your house.
2. Have on clean clothes.
3. Disinfect your truck and trailer inside and out.
4. Once you arrive on the farm, do not exit your vehicle until the owner of the property gives you plastic boots or tells you otherwise.
5. Before entering the barn see if you need to step into disinfectant.
6. Don’t travel between two pig farms without consulting with the second property owner. 
7. If you buy pigs from a farm that has had PED, do not buy more pigs from a NON-PED farm. 

The form to register your animals on can be found at http://extension.missouri.edu/adair/documents/4-H/markethog.pdf. THE DEADLINE IS MAY 1, NO LATE ENTRIES  to the Adair County Extension Center, 503 E. Northtown Rd.  If you need blood cards for State Fair barrows, 4-H members will have to call Allen Laudwig at 660-216-7786. The owner is responsible for collecting the sample and returning it to Allen no later than May 1st. FFA members will need to get with their advisor to fill out the paperwork and to receive blood cards for State Fair Barrows ($3 per card).

4-H/FFA beef show clinic sponsored by MFA (PDF)

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