Garden Talk newsletter

May 2019 (PDF)

  • Invasion of the ants
  • Master Gardener state conference
  • Missouri Tomato School registration info
  • Choosing deer-resistant plants for your landscape
  • Garden tips for May
  • Upcoming events

April 2019 (PDF)

  • Garden workshops offered in April
  • MDC state nursery open house April 6
  • Mid Mo Expo, April 27 in Columbia
  • Understanding Neonicotinoids
  • It's almost tulip time
  • Garden tips for April
  • Upcoming events

March 2019 (PDF)

  • Monarch butterflies: The Good News and the Bad News
  • St. Paddy's Day is a dud for planting spuds
  • Gardening tips for March
  • Upcoming events

February 2019 (PDF)

  • Holiday cacti benefit from bright light and proper watering
  • 2019 All-America selection winners
  • Valentine's Day flowers
  • Garden tips for February
  • Upcoming events

January 2019 (PDF)

  • 2018's weather was 'near normal,' but averages hide record-setting events
  • The Northern Cardinals
  • New Year's resolutions for the gardener
  • Capturing winter with potpourri
  • Garden tips for January
  • Upcoming events

December 2018 (PDF)

  • A Gardener's Night Before Christmas
  • A look back at 2018 horticulture programs
  • Look before you sleep this holiday season
  • Monarchs everywhere - a day to remember
  • Bringing Monarchs to the Adair County Public Library
  • Gardening tips for December
  • Upcoming events

November 2018 (PDF)

  • Reflections of the 2018 gardening season
  • Large sweet potatoes reported
  • Beauregard sweet potato
  • Lady Godiva pumpkin - the naked-seeded pumpkin
  • Bringing plants indoors for winter
  • Gardening tips for November
  • Upcoming events

October 2018 (PDF)

  • Fall in the lawn and garden
  • Dew on webs of grass spider may indicate a beautiful day
  • Women in Ag workshop, October 5
  • Shiitake mushroom workshop November 2
  • Dealing with drought stressed trees, part 2
  • Gardening tips for October
  • Upcoming events

September 2018 (PDF)

  • Missouri Department of Conservation confirms invasive Emerald Ash Borer (EAB)
  • Dealing with drought stressed trees
  • Fall lawn care
  • MU Extension holds spirits industry tour
  • Gardening tips for September
  • Upcoming events

August 2018 (PDF)

  • The downhill slide into the off-season
  • Master Gardener training
  • Time to plant a fall garden
  • Tomato Fest, August 23
  • Butterfly weed for the landscape
  • Irrigating trees and shrubs during summer drought
  • Missouri Grapes ready for harvest in August
  • August gardening tips
  • Upcoming events

July 2018 (PDF)

  • Japanese Beetles in the landscape
  • Disorders of tomato plants and fruits
  • 'Mulch Ado' about gardens beat the heat with mulch
  • How to tell when melons are ripe
  • July gardening tips
  • Upcoming events

June 2018 (PDF)

  • To fertilize or not to fertilize
  • Ground covers curb soil erosion
  • Do not let the insect win!
  • Garden tips for June
  • Upcoming events

May 2018 (PDF)

  • Happenings in the garden
  • Lilac...a wonderfully fragrant flower
  • Calibrachoa: Petunia's pretty little cousin takes center stage in 2018
  • Understanding insecticide modes of action
  • Garden tips for May
  • Upcoming events

April 2018 (PDF)

  • Planting and caring for the spring garden
  • Five lost apple varieties rediscovered
  • Peach leaf curl and Fireblight
  • Gardening tips for April
  • Upcoming events

March 2018 (PDF)

  • Pruning fruit trees and small fruit plants
  • Common plants that can be toxic to humans
  • Preparing the garden for spring
  • Spotted Lanternfly and other insect pests
  • Gardening tips for March
  • Upcoming events