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Accounting Resources for County Offices
CAST Trainers

County Bookkeepers and County Program Directors can rely on the expertise of CAST (County Accounting Support Team) Trainers within their respective regions.   Contact your regional trainer for assistance with basic QuickBooks or accounting concepts.  For extraordinary transactions or special scenarios, contact the QuickBooks Administrator.

CAST Trainers are encouraged to review guidelines for one-on-one training with New or existing Bookkeepers.   The recorded sessions below are specific to Trainers and include advanced topics.  For information on similar QuickBooks topics, review the recordings on basic topics.
Recordings for Bookkeepers and CPDs

Recordings and Materials - QB Sessions for Trainers
QuickBooks Payroll - Nov 4, 2013

Payroll Outline Notes for Trainers  (pdf)
Payroll web site (html)
Payroll Procedure
Employee Default Record
Payroll Timesheets in QuickBooks
Payroll Liability Adjustment
Payroll Tax Credit or Refund

Data Validation and Reports - Nov 8, 2013      2:13   

Data Validation Outline Notes for Trainers (pdf)
County Program Director resources
Reports resources
Bank Reconciliation
Create New Reports

Recordings and Materials - Committee Meetings
QB Trainers First Planning Meeting - Sept 9, 2013   1:17

Intro Training for Bookkeepers - Sept 30, 2013

Letter of Agreement - revised (pdf)
Procedure for Training New Bookkeepers

Intro Training for CPDs - Oct 2, 2013   1:03

Letter of Agreement for CPDs (pdf)
Procedure for Training New CPDs

Web Review - Oct 22, 2013   36 minutes

Meeting Notes (pdf)





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