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Accounting Resources for County Offices
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Last Modified January 21, 2014

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Archive Data and Clear Transactions12/20/11
Close Year12/11/13
Opening Balances New File12/16/02
Preparations for Starting a New Data File09/12/07


Annual Budget Signature form01/16/14
Budget Change Form09/2000
Budget Transactions12/15/13
Preparing Council Budget12/13/13
Upload County Financial Reports to Server01/08/14


Bills and Accounts Payable12/4/13
Order QuickBooks Checks05/23/11
Voiding Transactions06/10/13
Write checks08/20/13


Accounting Checklist for Bookkeepers06/24/11
End of Month Checklist 11/13/01 For CPDs and Council
End of Year checklist for Bookkeepers01/16/14
EOY CPD Checklist01/16/14
Outline EOY Accounting and Transfers01/10/13
Safeguarding Cash06/24/11


End of Year checklist for Bookkeepers01/16/14
EOY CPD Checklist01/16/14
Outline EOY Accounting and Transfers01/10/13

Credit Cards

Credit Card Training Outline11/21/2013
Message Alerts Merchant Service Sept201009/17/2010
MU Credit Card in QuickBooks08/24/2010
MU Credit Card TimedOut Error08/25/2010
QuickBooks Credit Card Service04/23/2013


Acct Receivable Deposit11/18/13
Authorization Direct Deposits08/13/09
Cancel Account Receivable08/19/04
Create new Reports12/9/13
Direct Deposits11/08/11
Receiving and Depositing Money09/12/07
Voiding Transactions06/10/13


1099 Tax Form Setup01/21/14
941 Federal Tax Adjustments09/24/09
941_944 Form12/17/08
Add Travel Reimb. to Paycheck09/11/07
Allocate Salary Between 2 Classes09/11/07
Employee Record Defaults10/04/13
Employer Payroll Items11/19/10
Extension Stipend0/21/14
Federal Tax Forms12/17/08
Federal Tax Online01/07/11
MCHCP Health Care Plan01/17/14
Medicare Additional Tax10/04/13
Missouri Withholding form for Enhanced A and B Subscribers07/10/08
Out-of-Pocket Medical Costs12/17/12
Pay Payroll Taxes Benefits10/29/07
Payroll Benefits Tax tracking01/02/08
Payroll changes 201103/29/11
Payroll Corrections09/11/07
Payroll Liability Adjustment10/31/13
Payroll Plans05/10/12
Payroll Procedure Outline10/25/13
Payroll Tax Credit or Refund12/16/13
Payroll Timesheets_information09/11/13
Payroll Voucher for Non Payroll Subscribers 2013.dotx12/18/12
Payroll Voucher Instructions09/11/13
Prepare Employee Paychecks11/08/11
Prepare Payroll Forms BasicA12/23/08
Prepare Payroll Forms NonPayroll12/23/08
Salary Adjustment09/11/07
SetUp Employees12/17/13
Sick and Vacation Salary09/10/07
State Taxes Online04/01/10
State Unemployment form for Enhanced A amd B Subscribers07/11/08
State Unemployment Tax06/26/13
Verify Payroll Subscription05/24/11
W2 Form Guidelines12/17/08


Request for Transfer Form12/7/07
Transfer Funds11/5/13
Transfer Funds11/5/13

Fiscal Management

audit guidelines07/24/07
Fiscal Policies and Procedures10/11/12
Postage Fund Management9/4/13

Fixed Assets

Fixed Assets Inventory for Microsoft Access10/12/11
FIxed Assets Tracker for QuickBooks09/21/11


Authorized User Login Names09/2000
Bank Reconciliation06/24/11
Create New Account09/12/07
Create New class12/08/10
Fee generation10/09/12
Fixed Assets10/12/11
General Journal11/5/13
Letter Agreement CPD10/02/13
Letter of Agreement09/30/13
Petty Cash01/10/12
Postage Allotment and LAN Expense09/04/13
Postage Fund Management9/4/13
QB Shortcuts and Tidbits12/03/01
Recording Bad Checks07/30/07
Restructure Class Codes12/08/10
Voiding Transactions06/10/13
W-9 Form01/20/14

Lists and Definitions

Chart of Accounts08/16/13
Class Explanation08/16/13
Glossary of Terms06/06/00
List Classes Funds08/15/13
Transaction types08/16/13

Outlines for QuickBooks Sessions

Accounts Receivables and Sales Receipts Outline11/18/13
Data Validation Reports Outline12/9/13
Outline Annual Budgets12/16/13
Outline EOY Accounting and Transfers01/10/13
QuickBooks Basics08/19/13
QuickBooks PAYROLL Outline12/16/13

Postage Fund Management

Postage Transfer09/11/03


Annual Revenue and Expense Signature form01/07/13
Annual Revenue Expense All Classes Combined12/5/12
Balance Sheet Report configuration09/24/12
Create new Reports12/9/13
Customizing Reports in QuickbookS10/27/04
Export Annual Revenue and Expense Report12/5/12
Financial Report Distribution12/5/12
Financial Reports CPDs06/24/11
Funds Balance Report Configuration10/27/04
Savings Report Configuration10/27/2004
Unclassified Transaction Report Configuration10/27/04


Annual Budget Signature form01/16/14
Annual Revenue and Expense Signature form01/07/13
Budget Change Form09/2000
Correcting Transaction Form09/2000
County Commission Signature Form01/24/01
Payroll Voucher - by employee & employer03/07/02
Payroll Voucher - by payroll item01/2000
Payroll Voucher for Non Payroll Subscribers 2013.dotx12/18/12
Purchase Order - templateJuly 2005
Request for Transfer Form01/27/06


Changing Company Information10/02/12
Computer Maintenance for Windows 710/18/12
Convert PDF file to Word Document11/12/12
Lync communications tool10/21/13
Office Communicator11/12/12
QB Backup06/12/12
Restore Backup File10/12/12
Snipping Tool7/18/08
Windows Remote Assistance10/01/12


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Assistant Vice Provost-Management
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