Through Nov. 11, 2014

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Cat Comley Adams, MU Extension director of development, married Jonathan Adams on Aug. 23, in Fulton.


Sharon Eubanks, health professions, Continuing Education.

Ted Gallion, Community Development administration.

Benjamin Gallup, state 4-H youth specialist.

Terry Hackney, associate, Community Enterprise and Entrepreneurial Development.

Jane Hunter, human development specialist, Northeast Region.

Maude Kelly, human development specialist and county program director, Washington County and East Central Region.

William Stephens, assistant professor, Law Enforcement Training Institute.


Jerry Lee Wade, 73, of Columbia died of cancer July 26. Jerry served as a community development specialist, including 21 years as a state specialist. You might remember his rusty bucket as a teaching symbol for economic loss and a starting point for regaining community economic strength. Wade donated his body to the university for medical education. His obituary can be found at

John G. Gross Sr, 93, passed on July 29, in Pensacola, Fla. Gross retired as professor of extension education at the University of Missouri in 1991. He started his career as an extension agent and served as county director of Harrison County. His obituary can be found at

James W. Perry, 87, died on Aug. 10, in Joplin. His career with MU Extension included five years in 4-H/youth development programming, three years in farm management work and 24 years in community development and tourism in the Branson area. His wife Ralpha survives. His obituary can be found at