Never stop learning — For retirees near Columbia

As former extension faculty and staff, you know the value of education. Do you know extension retirees are eligible for tuition waivers to continue their education?

If class space is available, 100 percent of your tuition, supplemental fees and student activity fees can be waived if you are a retiree who was considered an eligible employee before you retired. The waiver is available for any college-level credit courses. Books and other expenses must be paid by the retiree.

infographic: retirees can save 100% off tuition and fees


You are eligible for a 100-percent reduction in tuition and fees if you are a retiree who was a regular employee or fully benefit-eligible academic.

How do I sign up?

  1. Apply for admission and get accepted to the classes you want to take.
  2. Complete the appropriate form for your situation — retirees use the Educational Assistance Form for Retired Employees (Form 177), available at
  3. Submit a new form for each student enrolling — and complete the form each and every semester you want assistance.
  4. You must request assistance before the end of the semester or session for which you’re requesting assistance.
  5. Follow the form’s instructions for submission and getting approval.


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