A chat with Wanda Eubank

Wanda Eubank is a retired extension housing specialist.

Wanda emails:

Greetings from my home in Vermont.

What’s the best part of being retired? Setting your own schedule! However, I am involved in so many things that I savor (deliberate choice of words) my free time. I actually love knowing that I have a day that belongs only to me. I also love having houseguests, and have just recently had two sets from Missouri. I’d welcome more — just need enough notice to be sure there is an unoccupied bed in the house.

The most striking reaction I have to my present life is that our extension careers trained us so well in group dynamics and project development. We are almost over-trained! I am struck every day by how people just don’t know how to go about getting things done, with the related issue of aiming low because of it. People also don’t know how to work independently. There is so much time spent focusing on why something cannot be done; with the same amount of thought and effort it could be accomplished. It amazes me what could be done if folks just knew they could do it. This has almost become my mantra!

At present, I produce three different newsletters and bulletins — one for my osteoporosis-prevention group, another for my HS class and the most ambitious is for my college sorority alumnae association.

Extension is a hard habit to break.