Dedicated retiree medical study

A University of Missouri Total Rewards task force started a retiree medical study in January 2015. Its purpose is to ensure our retiree medical program best serves both you and the university.

Many new retiree medical plans are now available in the marketplace, offering similar value to our current plan but at a lower cost.

If changes are made, they will not take place until January 2017. You will receive notice of any changes about a year in advance.

The university’s intention is to continue to provide access to one or more medical plans for current retirees and continue to contribute a portion of your premium.

Your input will help us evaluate the latest marketplace developments against what is important to you. In addition to the listening sessions held earlier in 2015, the leadership of each of the four campus retiree associations has agreed that their combined group will serve as a “guiding coalition” for the project.

Updates will be provided at Be sure to check the site periodically for the latest study developments and educational offerings, and for an email address that you can use to give feedback.

illustration of timeline for medical study: July through September the new plan will be finalized; it will be announced in November; Select insurance provider in 2016; and the new plan will be implemented in January 2017.