On the road again…

Cynthia Crawford, director of donor education

I generally meet with one or two extension councils a week and it is always a joy to see how many people share in the mission of University of Missouri Extension. First impressions matter and I always go in to meeting locations wearing a genuine smile.

Recently I was greeted by someone who introduced himself as the presiding commissioner in the county. We exchanged names and said a few words about the weather. “Cynthia, you packing?” he asked.

Puzzled why he asked, but without missing a beat, I answered, “Why yes I am! I have luggage in the car because I’m going on down to the bootheel of Missouri tomorrow to work with another group.”
He cleared his throat. “Cynthia, that’s not the type of packing I was asking about,” he said quietly.

What do extension people routinely pack and carry? We carry opportunities, answers and solutions to all parts of Missouri. People are drowning in information and starved for knowledge at the same time. Our faculty, staff and volunteers are about matching the right piece of knowledge with the teachable moment at hand.

Collectively we have 100 years of packing — carrying knowledge that is relevant, reliable and responsive to the needs and opportunities of the day and we look forward to carrying that mission into the next 100 years. University of Missouri Extension’s best days are yet to come, and we invite you to be an important part of that mission. Contact me or see our website:  http://extension.missouri.edu/main/giving/


P.S. At one time I did hold the title of women’s pistol champion at Indian Hills College. I had a pretty good idea what he was really asking.