A chat with Brenda Bell

Brenda Bell is a retired extension county program director and human development specialist.photo: Brenda Bell, retired CPD and community development specialist

I have been relatively “still” since I retired — that is, not involved in anything too actively, but now, I am involved!

I am participating in a project — Ozarks Beatlemania. This is an event to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the visit the Beatles made to Oregon County. The airline contracted to provide transportation for their U.S. tour was owned by Reed Pigman, who happened to own a large ranch East of Alton (also two miles from my home). In between their Dallas and New York concerts, they spent the weekend at Pigman Ranch. You can only imagine the reaction locally.

There will be a tribute concert in West Plains at the civic center by the Liverpool Legends, and a festival the next day in Alton. This event will try to capture a lot of the experiences from the local people, and the impact the event had on the area. The dates are Sept. 12-13. We would like to share this history about Alton/Oregon County, and invite fellow “boomers” to join the celebration. The website is http://www.OzarksBeatlemania.com

— Brenda

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