Quilt Day Camp coming June 30

9 a.m.–4 p.m., June 30
Missouri Star Quilt Company
Retreat Center in Hamilton, Mo.

This event is specially for Friends of Extension with an interest in quilting and textiles. Current extension faculty and staff are always invited to extension retiree events. Check with your regional director about travel and leave time.

Why Hamilton? It has a wonderful new retreat center and several quilt stores and a quilt building within easy walking distance for our day camp. Hamilton, Mo. is emerging as “The Disneyland of Quilters.”

Don’t wait to register. We expect a lot of interest in the event. If space remains on June 1, we will open up the event to guests of participants as well. Registration prior to the event is required. Email Cynthia Crawford at crawfordc@missouri.edu or call 573-825-8778.

All participants are asked to be in the retreat center from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. for a Dutch-treat lunch followed by greetings from MU Extension and a show and tell by participants. Please bring your favorite project for the show and tell.

After this brief program, the day is yours to fill — visit, sew in the retreat center, browse the five quilt shops up and down the main street in Hamilton, admire the machine quilting in the old library, look through the antique store and enjoy your day.


Is there a registration fee?
No, but bring $15 for a Dutch-treat group lunch.

I don’t quilt, but I knit. This sounds like too much fun to miss. Can I come?
Sure — bring your knitting (or your crocheting or other project) and come right on. There will be tables for you to work at too. If you want to come just to visit and see what’s happening, that’s fine too.

Can I come in the day before or stay until Wednesday? They have sleeping quarters at the retreat center don’t they?
They do. However, we would have to guarantee 10 people staying two nights each to open the hotel-like upstairs. Maybe we can do that in future years, but this year we will have a day camp only. Motels are close by in Chillicothe and Cameron.

Is this for women only?
Of course not.

Do I have to arrive at 9 a.m. and stay until 4 p.m.?
No. You’ll love the flexibility. Arrive when you choose and leave when you need to. Do be sure, though, to arrive by 11:30 a.m. and stay through the show and tell that will finish about 1:30 p.m.

I have friends that would love to come too.
If space remains on June 1, the event will be opened up to guests of participants as well.

So how many people can come to the day camp?
There is space for 40 people (two to a table) to sew with machines. There’s space for another 20 around round tables to do hand work, knit, crochet, work on another project and visit. We expect a full house.

Do I bring all my sewing equipment?
Pressing stations will be provided by Missouri Star. You can bring your own sewing machine and cutting equipment or you can rent a sewing machine and cutting equipment (you must make arrangements in advance with Cynthia Crawford). They have 16 sewing machines available for rent. Do bring a project to work on and all the sewing “do-dads” you will need to make progress during the day camp.

I live too far to come to Hamilton. Couldn’t you do something similar in my part of the state?
We’ll see what the interest is in this event first. If you have an idea for another facility with easy options for lunch, let’s talk!