Career opportunities with MU Extension

Working for MU Extension

  • Be a leader
    Extension faculty are leaders in their communities
  • Grow professionally
    Working for MU Extension affords opportunities for professional and personal growth
  • Find your place
    MU Extension has offices in more than 100 rural and urban communities around the state


Application process

  • Applications must be submitted through the online process.
  • Current MU employees must go through MyHR to complete the application process. 
  • For questions about the on-line application process call 573-882-7976.
  • For technical support using the application system, call the MU Help Desk at 573-882-5000.
  • To check the status of position searches call 573-882-4721.

MU Extension policies

Current positions available

Program area Title Office location Type Job ID
4-H Youth Office Support Assistant IV (Administrative Assistant) Campus Staff 15012
4-H Youth 4-H Youth Development Educator Christian County
SW Region
Academic 14841
4-H Youth Afterschool Regional Educator Columbia Academic 14641
4-H Youth Educational Program Assistant (YPA) .5 FTE Howard County
NE Region
Staff 14581
4-H Youth Educational Program Assistant (YPA) .75 FTE Butler County
SE Region
Staff 14858
4-H Youth Educational Program Assistant (YPA) Cape Girardeau /
Scott counties
SE Region
Staff 14291
4-H Youth Educational Program Associate I (YPA) Boone County
NE Region
Staff 14864
4-H Youth Educational Program Associate I
(Afterschool Program)
Kansas City
Urban Region
Staff 14895
4-H Youth Regional 4-H Youth Development Specialist & Co-CPD
Position description (PDF)
Saline County
NW Region
Academic 14688
4-H Youth Regional 4-H Youth Development Specialist
Position description (PDF)
Taney County
SW Region
Academic 14866

4-H Youth


Shooting Range Survey Clerk .70 FTE



St. Louis 





Agriculture Regional Agricultural Business Specialist
Position descriptions (PDF)
Livingston County
NW Region
Academic 14718
Agriculture Regional Agronomy Specialist
Position description (PDF)
Oregon County
SE Region
Academic 12171
Agriculture Regional Livestock Specialist & CPD
Position description (PDF)
Howell County
SW Region
Academic 14867
Business Development Executive Assistant Campus Staff 14900
Business Development Regional Business Development Specialist
Position description (PDF)
Carroll County
NW Region
Academic 11622
Community Development Community Arts Specialist
Position description (PDF)
Lexington, MO
NW Region
Academic 14195
Community Development Regional Community Development Specialist
Position description (PDF)
Pike County
NE Region
Academic 14689
Continuing Medical Education Continuing Medical Education Director
Position description (PDF)
Columbia Campus Academic 12826
Human Environmental Sciences Regional Family Financial Education Specialist
Position description (PDF)
Madison County
SE Region
Academic 11752