Grow professionally and personally

Knowledge is University of Missouri Extension's biggest asset, and we believe in continual investment in training to keep our people on the cutting edge. We offer first-rate professional development training to give you the latest tools and skills to get the job done. Opportunities to expand your knowledge and skills are available the moment you join University of Missouri Extension and continue throughout your career.

You receive up-to-date training in your field as well as opportunities to grow personally. Each faculty member writes an individual development plan to build on strengths and expand knowledge.

Professional development with University of Missouri Extension takes many forms:

  • New faculty orientation
  • Scheduled professional and personal development experiences
  • Individualized and specialized professional development, including international experiences and attendance at national meetings
  • Study leave to pursue an advanced degree for ranked faculty
  • Tuition assistance for graduate education
  • Leadership training
  • Internships and externships

MU Extension Professional development
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