Al Kennet’s enthusiastic hello

Hello, fellow retirees. Isn’t retirement great? I retired in June of 2011, after 43 plus years with University of Missouri Extension. I then went back to work with extension part time until my position was filled in February 2012, and retirement became my full-time job. I fully and completely enjoy it and tell people that time is my most available commodity!

Linda and I do some traveling. Recent trips included a cruise to Tahiti and trip to Costa Rica, as well as a week in Hilton Head Island following a Mizzou game at South Carolina. Mizzou sports consume a great deal of our time too. I have had season football tickets since 1968, but work didn’t allow for much travel to away games or bowl games. We now try to attend all bowl games and have been to away games at South Carolina, Texas A&M, Tennessee and Vanderbilt. This fall we will make it to Arkansas State, Kentucky and Arkansas, we hope. We have also started sharing basketball season tickets for both men and women with some friends. We have even made it to softball, volleyball and wrestling events. Yes, we are big Mizzou sports fans.

Even though I say I have learned how to spell the word “no,” I stay as busy as I want to be with volunteer work. After retirement, another retired Mizzou alum and I decided to try and get a Mizzou Alumni Chapter started in the Hannibal, Mo. and Quincy, Ill. area. It is called the Great River Tigers Chapter and has been very active and successful so far. I currently serve as the chapter president and will be going on the state alumni association board this fall.

Linda and I also remain active in our church and have increased our volunteering for the church. Also, I spend a lot more time in the garden and lawn.

photo: Linda and Al Kennet post in front of a Mizzou flag, sporting black and gold.
Al and Linda Kennet send greetings to their friends in extension. Al is a retired regional livestock specialist.
photo: Al Kennet, decked out in black and gold plaid, shaking hands with Truman the Tiger at an MU basketball game
Al is keeping busy in retirement but still makes time to support the university.