Elected officials resource toolbox

The facts, research, data and resources that enable elected officials and their staff to make informed decisions on matters affecting their constituents in the districts they serve. Bookmark this page for quick reference in the future.

For more than 100 years, MU Extension has been an innovator in providing relevant, reliable and responsive resources that impact lives. As a land-grant university, our mission is to disseminate the research and knowledge from campus to benefit all the citizens in every corner of Missouri. Thanks to the federal establishment of land-grant universities millions of people, who have never set foot on a college campus, can improve their lives, help drive their local economies, help prepare local youth for leadership and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) related jobs and aid communities to become more resilient.

We know it is invaluable for elected officials to have accurate, unbiased and research-based information in order to make informed decisions to best represent your constituents. We have assembled an elected officials resource toolbox to help you and your staff.

We have paired information about counties, regions and communities with research-based tools to allow you to see and understand local economies, community data and to grasp the challenges, hurdles and successes that your constituents are experiencing.

From OSEDA information to Community Commons queries, we can help you to see the latest data, as well as decipher what it means, to equip you and your staff with the evidence-based information you need.

The following indexed tabs are designed for aiding elected officials, from county government to state and federal government and their staff, to best carry out your duties and serve the constituents you represent. We have tabbed the categories for easy reference and added subheads within the larger categories to help get you to what you are looking for in the most expeditious way possible.

Our contact information is under the assistance tab, and we welcome your input and feedback as we continually strive to improve this tool and to partner with you to serve your constituents.

— Tracy Feller, director of Partnership and Stakeholder Development, MU Extension



Please contact the director of Partnership and Stakeholder Development, Tracy Feller at 573-882-4134 or by email at fellert@missouri.edu, if you have ideas or suggestions for additional University of Missouri resources that you need or questions you have regarding extension councils.

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Important links and resources

  • Demographics
    Discover county-by-county trends in business, housing, education, health, agriculture and other population factors.
  • KidsCount
    More than 30 public and private organizations across the state collaborate to chart the well-being of children. The KidsCount data base profiles contain information by county on school dropout rates, births to mothers with less than 12 years of education and more.
  • Office of Social and Economic Data Analysis (OSEDA)
    OSEDA provides demographic trend reports and many other useful publications and data.
  • Community Commons
    A place where data, tools and stories come together to inspire change and improve communities. Community Commons provides public access to thousands of meaningful data layers with mapping and reporting capabilities that allow users to thoroughly explore community health.
  • University of Missouri Extension Partnership and Stakeholder Development