Message from the vice provost

Tom Henderson

Tom Henderson, Interim vice provost and

Throughout my extension career, individuals have asked me, “Who is served by University of Missouri Extension?” My response has always been an understandably simple one; “The people of Missouri.” In more recent years, the power of the Internet has provided an educational platform that allows MU Extension to reach well beyond the borders of Missouri.

While my answer has never changed and the expectations of Missourians are as great as ever, extension’s ability to deliver educational efforts that fulfill citizen expectations is challenging. Appropriated resources — provided by our historical federal and state partners — have been flat or declining in recent years.

More than 2.3 million Missourians from all 114 counties turned to MU Extension this past year. MU Extension honors its mission of bringing relevant, reliable and responsive education to improve lives and local economies.

In response, MU Extension has become more entrepreneurial. We are fulfilling our mission through increased grant and contract work, as well as through noncredit courses, publication sales and a range of educational offerings traditionally delivered at minimal or no cost to the user.

Our educational efforts might take place in a one-to-one teaching situation but are just as likely to take place in the community. The word community — in the context of extension — might take the form of place, interest or influence through third-party partnerships.

In this annual report, we are sharing just a few notable examples of the many ways that extension addresses its land-grant mission to people through community. Those educational experiences take place in every conceivable setting. Whether at a farm, business, neighborhood, community or more regional setting, we positively affect lives all across the state.

Please take a few moments and read about the positive outcomes and impacts that occur daily in Missourians’ lives. These outcomes are only possible with your support of your land-grant university and its extension efforts.