Visionary programming

Program integration graphicWorking together across disciplines to help solve real problems for Missourians

During Fiscal Year 2013, MU Extension implemented a new way of programming — program integration. This visionary approach to programming enables MU Extension to coordinate the efforts and resources of various programs in a more effective interdisciplinary response to issues and needs of Missourians.

For example, in addressing environmental concerns, MU Extension now looks beyond the traditional, single-program area and harnesses the knowledge, research and expertise of multiple areas such as agriculture and natural resources, engineering, youth development and human environmental sciences. Program integration is a structured approach to interdisciplinary work using five theme areas and teams.

MU Extension created thematic teams pulled from the expertise found within the University of Missouri, along with other partners and organizations, to develop and deliver programs in each of the following theme areas.

Educational attainment

Engage children and adults in lifelong learning to increase their educational attainment.

Environmental concerns

Conduct research and educate citizens about energy efficiency, increased use of renewable energy, new ideas for reducing energy dependence, water quality, and environmental impact on health and safety of citizens.

Community, economic, business and workforce development

Address issues and opportunities of Missouri’s economic infrastructure, communities, public services, economic development, jobs and educational access.

Global food systems

Improve affordable, accessible, safe and healthy food.

Health systems

Improve individual, family and community health.

In the fast-changing extension landscape, many issues cannot be adequately addressed by traditional, single-program efforts — they require a more comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach.

Program integration enables MU Extension to more easily mobilize cross-program expertise and resources and offer more comprehensive solutions that can improve the lives of Missourians.