March 2017 Horticulture Tips

Tim Baker, MU Extension Horticulture Specialist
102 N. Main, Suite 1, Gallatin, MO 64640

Here’s a Horticulture Tip from University of Missouri Extension:

Horticulture Tip for the week of February 26 to March 4, 2017
Title: “Pruning Fruit Trees”

Are you thinking about pruning your fruit trees? Late winter is the ideal time. The trees are still dormant, but the worst of winter’s cold weather is over. It’s best to prune them before the buds start swelling in the spring. Each type of fruit tree has specific pruning guidelines, for better health of the tree.  Give your local MU Extension Center a call if you would like some pointers on how to prune them.

Horticulture Tip for the week of March 5-11, 2017
Title: “Starting Seeds Indoors”

Starting seeds indoors for your garden is a great way to save money and get the exact variety of vegetable or flower that you want to grow. Some varieties are just not available as transplants, and starting them from seed is the only way you will get them. Starting them is usually not too difficult. Give me a call at 660-663-3232, and I’ll be happy to guide you through the process.

Horticulture Tip for the week of March 12-18, 2017
Title: “Trees During Storm Season”

We are entering a historically stormy time of the year. In addition to potential storm damage to your house, trees in your yard can be damaged by high winds. It might pay to inspect the trees near your house, to see if there are any weak spots or limbs that need removing before a storm causes them to damage your house.

Horticulture Tip for the week of March 19-25, 2017
Title: “Removing Mulches”

Many plants require mulches to get them through the cold temperatures and weather that winter brings. As it starts to warm up, it’s time to think about removing them.  But don’t do it all at once. Remove the mulch slowly, letting the plants acclimatize to the still-cold temperatures.  Keep the mulch nearby.  If a cold snap comes along, you may need to cover them again.

Horticulture Tip for the week of March 26 to April 1, 2017
Title: “Vegetable Planting Calendar”

Are you eager to start your spring vegetable garden? There are many cool season vegetables that can be started soon. MU Extension has a great resource to help. Our “Vegetable Planting Calendar” gives lots of great information, including the planting dates for all kinds of crops.  It also gives fall planting dates for many crops.  Call your local Extension center and ask for a copy today.


This has been Tim Baker, with a Horticulture Tip from University of Missouri Extension.