Jackson County 4-H Calendar of Events

This is a listing of the 4-H Youth Development events that usually occur every year in Jackson County. Current event information will be posted as it becomes available; until then information from the previous year will be available. 


Reoccurring Meetings & Events

4-H & Equine Councils Officer Application (PDF) (DOC)

4-H Council meeting: 3rd Monday of each month except December.

Equine Council meeting: 1st Thursday of every month except December and September.  In September, the 4-H Council and Equine Council have a combined meeting.

Fair Committee meeting: 2nd Monday of each month and the Monday of Fair week. A month is skipped after the fair, and then a fair evaluation meeting is held.

Shooting Sports Club and Committee: Held every other month on the 2nd Tuesday of that month.  Meeting in February, April, June, August, October, and December. 

Event Committees (King & Queen, Achievement, etc.): Meet for 3-4 months prior to the events to prepare. 

Newsletter:  Sent out each Monday through email, unless there is a holiday.  


  • Missouri State Fair (Sedalia)
  • Club leader meeting (required)


  • Sept 30: End of 4-H year – deadline for project records, award & scholarship applications, club leader forms, club reports, etc.
  • County awards evaluation day



  • Planned fun event – beginning in fall 2016
  • Fair ad sales for fair book due
  • Dec 1: Memeber re-enrollments complete


  • Regional deadlines for MRFs chosen to advance from Jackson County
  • Jan 31: FINAL enrollment deadline for Jackson County to be able to participate in Fair


  • King & Queen Royalty applications due
  • Regional Energizer (Regional Event)


  • Youth Civic Leaders Summit (state event)
  • Teen Conference (state event)


  • Trade Day (Equine)
  • King & Queen Royalty Event 


  • Equine Council Clinic (not every year)
  • Social committee event (tentative for 2016)


  • May 1: Horse enrollment & helmet policy agreement deadline
  • Equine Levels or County Show (or in June)
  • Tractor Supply Paper Clover Campaign


  • State 4-H Congress (state event)
  • Contest Day
  • Jackson County 4-H Fair (3 days Thurs – Sat)
    • Jackson County Fair
    • Livestock Show
    • Youth Tour Day
    • T-shirt Order Form
    • Friday Fun Night


  • 4-H State Fair Horse Show (Sedalia)
  • Awards workshop for youth