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Linda Rellergert, Nutrition and Health Education Specialist, St. Charles County
Mary Schroepfer, Nutrition and Health Education Specialist, Franklin County
Bethany Bachmann, Nutrition and Health Education Specialist, Perry County



May/June 2015 (PDF)
Safe to pressure can in electric multi-cookers?
Selecting freezer containers
New Ball Blue Book
Rhubarb-Strawberry jam


September 2014 (PDF)
Drying is new again
Dried apples: a quick and healthy snack all year long
How do I know if food is dry?
Fruit leathers

August 2014 (PDF)
Heat up summer with peppers
Seek a safe salsa recipe
Keeping food safe during power outages
Marinated peppers

July 2014 (PDF)
Peaches please the palate perfectly
New herb harvesting products
Smooth cook-top alternatives
Peach jelly

June 2014 (PDF)
Putting up Italian, Snap and Wax beans
New canning products
Canning problems
Pickled green beans

May 2014 (PDF)
Peas are a special springtime treat
Farmers market shopping
Food preservation classes
Peas and onions

April 2014 (PDF)
Mushroom mania marks spring
Mushroom varieties
Stamp out freezer burn with proper packaging
Marinated whole mushrooms


August 2013 (PDF)
Spark winter meals with sauce
Canned whole tomatoes offer versatility
Troubleshooting tomato issues
Spaghetti sauce without meat

July 2013 (PDF)
Blackberry summer sizzles with flavor
Extracting juice made easy
Ceramic or glass cooktops
Blackberry jelly

June 2013 (PDF)
Be cautious using less salt and sugar
Beautiful raspberries are fruit gems
Freezer raspberry jam
Raspberry syrup

May 2013 (PDF)
Reconsider family food preservation traditions
Catch of the day
Greens - A taste of spring
Braised greens

April 2013 (PDF)
Prepare now for freezin' season
Not all fishing holes are equal
Asparagus - a perennial favorite
Asparagus, peas and pasta


October/November 2012 (PDF)
Tuck late apples into winter storage
Storing home-canned foods
Freezing dairy foods
Crock pot maple cinnamon apple sauce

September 2012 (PDF)
Jerky provides chewy, portable snacks
Freezing potatoes
Agave syrup
Jerky marinade

August 2012 (PDF)
Summer squash still abundant
Seasonal and simple
Zucchini pineapple

July 2012 (PDF)
Preserving pleasing peppers
Farmers' markets
Freezing fish
Pickled bell peppers

June 2012 (PDF)
When plums are plentiful
Canning, my first time, yes, I can!
Acidity matters when canning
Plum sauce

May 2012 (PDF)
Ravishing rhubarb
Cool stuff about rhubarb
Seasonal and Simple guide
Planning for waterbath canning
Strawberry rhubarb jelly


April/May 2011 (PDF)
Wet weather challenges jam makers
Dried strawberries add delight to granols, cereal and snacks
Storing home-canned jams and jellies
Strawberry freezer jam

June 2011 (PDF)
Add herbs to vinegar or oil with care
Don't get caught short on supplies
Stash home preserved food wisely
Steps to make flavored vinegar

July 2011 (PDF)
Fresh corn, oh, how sweet it is!
A look at corn varieties
Half-gallon jars have limited use
Pickled corn relish

August 2011 (PDF)
From ordinary to extraordinary with pickles
Pickling isn't just for cucumbers
Avoid pesky pickle problems
Kosher style dill green tomato pickles

September 2011 (PDF)
Preserve winter squash and pumpkin
Busy bees store honey at room temperature
Avoid unsafe home-canning gift ideas
Freezer chocolate fudge sauce


April 2010 (PDF)
Spinach is the goddess of green
Blanch vegetables first, freeze them fast
Home food preservation websites
Stawberry spinach salad with poppy seed dressing

May 2010 (PDF)
Preserve broccoli and cauliflower spring or fall
Helpful tips on selecting a dehydrator
Select fruits and vegetables that dry well
Reasons for visiting a farmers' market
Pickled cauliflower

June 2010 (PDF)
Life is a bowl of cherries
Cherry freezer pie filling
Choose freezer packaging and containers wisely
Sour cherry jam with poweder pectin

July 2010 (PDF)
Everything is peaches 'n cream
Preserved peaches — always a treat never the pits
Local peach varieties come to market now
Suitable preservation options for fruits
Peach salsa

August 2010 (PDF)
The perfect crisp pickle is possible
Avoid major canning mistakes
Wash reusable grocery bags often
Does the salsa stay on the chips
Tomato/tomato paste salsa
Bruschetta in a jar

September 2010 (PDF)
Storing root crops the old-fashioned way
Choose your apples wisely

Oct/Nov 2010 (PDF)
Indulge in nuts for good health
Keep holiday or party buffets safe
Storing and using chestnuts
Whole wheat apple nut bread


April 2009 (PDF)
Enjoy strawberries now and later
Qualities of produce needed for frequently canned foods
Sweet spreads and syrups
Homemade fruit leather

May 2009 (PDF)
Blueberries in abundance
Substitute canning ingredients with caution
Choose two-piece lids when canning
Blueberry conserve
Canning fruit-based baby food

June 2009 (PDF)
June brings bushels of beans
Canning snap, italian and wax green beans
Market to Market
Simple solutions for common canning problems
Pickled three bean salad

July 2009 (PDF)
Simmer tomato sauce and salsa
Ingredient selection essential for safe salsas
Open kettle canning is open to food spoilage
Spice up salsa with peppers
Tomato taco sauce

August 2009 (PDF)
Dont' let one bad apple ruin your harvest
Relishes add pizzazz to fall foods
Can soup now for fall warmth
Sweeet apple relish

September 2009 (PDF)
Perfectly preserved pears every time
Smooth cooktops create problems when canning
Use Splenda® wisely in home-canned food
Store and ripen green tomatoes

October 2009 (PDF)
Home-baked delights from freezer to table
Don't discard it — freeze it
Store canning supplies wisely
Cranberry conserve
Cranberry orange chutney