Recent presentations by Patrick Byers, Horticulture Specialist

Elderberry Possibilities (pdf) - presentation on the Missouri Elderberry Development Program, elderberry production, and challenges facing the elderberry industry in Missouri (2014)

Pruning Fruit (pdf) - presentation on pruning apple, pear, peach, brambles, blueberries and grapes (2014)

Table Grape Cultivars for Missouri (pdf) - presentation on table grape cultivars adapted to Missouri (2014)

Home Berry Production (pdf) - presentation on home production of brambles, strawberry, blueberry, grape, and minor berries (2014)

All About Tomatoes (pdf) - presentation on tomato history, cultivar selection, production, insect and disease pests, and use (2014)

Managing Grape Diseases in Missouri (pdf) - presentation on field identification and management strategies for grapes diseases (2014)

Adding Value to a Farming Operation with Horticultural Crops (pdf) - presentation on improving profitability by adding horticultural crops to a farming system (2014)