Upcoming Programs

Rural Living Conference

The Rural Living Conference is a one-day conference on Feb. 20th that will focus on providing an opportunity to landowners to explore different options for utilizing small acreage.  This conference is for the beginner or advanced landowner that wants to explore new ideas or learn more about various topics.

This all day conference will offer two concurrent sessions in the morning and two concurrent sessions in the afternoon.  Topics that will be covered range from viticulture and beekeeping to wildlife and pond management and everything between.

A registration fee of $40 per person or $60 couple will include lunch and materials for all presentation.  For a brochure and a registration form, click here (note: participants are asked to mark their top 4 choices of topics for the concurrent sessions).

Retail Farm Market School

The Retail Farm Market School provides a basic understanding of produce, which will help employees and producers understand and be responsive to consumer needs.  Program participants will be able to provide the highest level of friendly, helpful and skilled service. The course is valuable for anyone who handles, processes, or merchandises fresh market produce for either farmers markets or grocery store settings. This day-long session includes several education delivery methods including professional produced video segments, take-home text, post-harvest handling references, group discussions, and hands-on activities.  

This workshop provides employees with knowledge and skills for responding to customer needs. Topics include Produce Handling, Produce Quality, Produce Merchandising, Customer Service, Sanitation, and Fresh Cut Produce. The material is appropriate for new employee training and as a refresher for existing employees. Part of being and feeling like a professional is knowing your job thoroughly and feeling comfortable and secure with your skills. Improving self-image as well as improving the image of your company in your customers’ eyes is the goal of this program.

A registration fee of $20 per person includes all reference materials and lunch.  For a brochure and a registration form, click here.

Past Presentations

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