Upcoming Programs

  Industry Outlook & Risk Management for Beef Producers

     This meeting will cover several timely topics for beef cattle producers.  Is this the right time to expand the herd?  And how can we be prepared to mitigate the many challenges and risk involved in beef production.  Participants will learn about topics that include: beef cattle market outlook and mitigation of risk with livestock and forage insurance.  There is a fee of $15.00 per person to cover costs of material and refreshments for this June 15th meeting.  To register, contact the Johnson County MU Extension Center at 660-747-3193.  For a flyer, click here.


Past Presentations

  Missouri's Complex Fence Law, March 11, 2014

     Missouri Fence Law, Joe Koenen, Agriculture Business Specialist Putnam County

      Additional Links About Fence Law

         Missouri Fencing and Boundary Laws (G810, PDF) | Frequently Asked Questions (G811, PDF)


     EPD Definition Sheet (PDF), Nov. 8, 2012

     Percentile Rank Sheet (PDF), Nov. 8, 2012

     Livestock Judging (PDF) by Patrick Davis, Jan. 26, 2013

     Tips for 4-H Livestock Projects (PDF) by Patrick Davis, Jan 28, 2012