Upcoming Programs

  Show-Me Sheep and Goat Project II and Integrated Pest Management Workshop

The Show-Me Sheep & Goat Project II is a 4 week, 1 night, 3 hour program in April designed around sheep and goat production for management and profitability.  Registration fees for  the Show-Me Sheep & Goat Project II is $55 per person or $75 per couple/entity and includes materials, refreshments and FAMACHA certification.  Registration is due to the Johnson County Extension office by April 1st as seating is limited.  For more information click here for the flyer or press release.

The Integrated Pest Management Workshop is focused on certification of FAMACHA and FEC testing for sheep and goats and will be held April 9th.  Cost of the Integrated Pest Management workshop is $40 per person. Registration needs to be completed at the Johnson County MU Extension Center by April 8th as seating is limited.  For more information click here for the flyer or press release.

  2014 Farm Bill Resources

     University of Missouri Farm Bill Conference Presentations November 10 - 12

     USDA/NAAFP Decision Aid Tool Developed by AFPC of Texas A&M and FAPRI of University of Missouri

     FSA - Farm Bill Decision Aids - PLC, ARC, Base Reallocation, Yield Update


  Missouri's Complex Fence Law, March 11, 2014

     Missouri Fence Law, Joe Koenen, Agriculture Business Specialist Putnam County

      Additional Links About Fence Law

         Missouri Fencing and Boundary Laws (G810, PDF) | Frequently Asked Questions (G811, PDF)


     EPD Definition Sheet (PDF), Nov. 8, 2012

     Percentile Rank Sheet (PDF), Nov. 8, 2012

     Livestock Judging (PDF) by Patrick Davis, Jan. 26, 2013

     Tips for 4-H Livestock Projects (PDF) by Patrick Davis, Jan 28, 2012