Improving Next Year's Corn Yields with Cover Crops

A cover crop planted this fall, on land flooded without a crop this year, does more than control erosion and weeds. Fall-seeded cover crops can boost corn yields next year and beneficial soil-borne fungus in healthy soil needs roots to survive in fallow years. Roots of many plants, even weeds, support fungi, but corn is especially dependent on mycorrhizal fungi. Crops to consider for cover this fall are cereal grains and clovers. Greg Luce, MU Extension corn specialist, discusses more on cover crop usage. Cover Crops and Improved Yields.

After Harvest, Review Liability Coverage

Recent issues with dicamba spray drift highlight the need for farmers to understand their third-party liability due to herbicide applications, and post-harvest is a good time for producers to review their liability insurance coverage, says University of Missouri economist Ray Massey.  Massey recommends that farmers consult with an insurance or legal professional experienced in agricultural matters after reviewing their policy.  Read more of Massey's article about farm liability here: Post Harvest Liability Coverage

Wildlife Habitat Improvement in Your Backyard and Neighborhood

Creating wildlife habitat around your home can attract different species of interest, such as songbirds, small mammals, pollinating insects and many others. For example, providing supplemental foods for birds can create opportunities for closer observation.

Building birdhouses provides nesting space to attract bluebirds, wrens, purple martins, chickadees and other species. Additionally, planting and managing for an appropriate mix of food and cover plants in proper locations can benefit wildlife, butterflies and other pollinator species.  MU Extension publication G9500 provides information for improving and managing habitat plantings for a variety of wildlife.  Take a look and see what habitat is appropriate for your situation.  Improving Habitats for Wildlife in Your Backyard and Neighborhood

Accessibility and Affordability for University of Missouri Students

The University of Missouri has announced new scholarships for students from neighboring states and the expansion of scholarships for children of alumni.  Border State Scholars, the Black and Gold Scholarship and the Missouri Land Grant Compact are just a few of the scholarships offered by MIZZOU.  Go to  MU Scholarship Opportunities to more information.

Wild Thing of the Week

Whether it crawls, walks or flies, Wild Thing of the Week spotlights a plant or animal living in our world and gives a brief identification and description about the family that this living thing belongs to. Click on the Wild Thing logo and see what's wild this week.





4-H: Leaders for life

 4-H Faculty, Staff and Volunteers create multiple opportunities for youth. 4-H project work and related educational experiences help youth explore interests in citizenship, communications and leadership.  4-H Youth report 3 times more opportunities than their non-4-H peers to engage in meaningful community leadership roles. This interest in leadership and community service translates to a 70% greater likelihood of  4-H members to attend college compared to youth participating in other out-of school programs. 4-H is growing the leaders of tomorrow today.  For information on joining 4-H, contact your local MU Extension center. 


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