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Focus on Forages VI Meeting Wednesday, July 30th at 6:00 p.m. - Hundley-Whaley Learning Discovery Center in Albany, MO

The cost to attend is $20 which includes dinner and copies of the presentations. RSVP to the Gentry County Extension Office at 660-726-5610 by Friday July 25th so that accurate meal preparations can be made.Topics to be covered are: Fescue Toxicosis, Pasture Insurance, Benefits of Forage Testing and Using Alfalfa in a Forage System, Cover Crop Project Overview, and a Tour of the Summer Annual Plots and Cool-Season Grass Plots.

Protect your profit from market drops and drought....... Livestock Risk Management Program

Free event, July 22, 2014 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., lunch provided. Contact Andrew County Extension Center at 816-324-3147 or email humphreyjr@missouri.edu to register.

Show-Me Market Showdown July 14 - September 19, 2014

Farmers, agriculture professionals, and other interested parties are wanted to compete in the Show-Me Market Showdown, an online grain marketing game hosted on CommodityChallenge.com.  The game provides players with an opportunity to learn about grain marketing strategies in a low-risk, fun, and friendly competition. All players are given the same grain production scenario and asked to market his or her virtual grain using real-time cash, futures and options quotes.

View the Show-Me market Showdown PDF and visit http://extension.missouri.edu/lafayette/ShowMeMarketShowdown.aspx to sign up to participate. Call or email your questions to Whitney Wiegel, Agriculture Business Specialist, 660-584-3658 or wiegelw@missouri.edu.

Order today at: http://extension.missouri.edu/p/MP928

Test Your Soil for Better Lawns and Gardens

Avoid excessive fertilizer use, and guard against nutrient loss. A soil test shows exactly how much lime and fertilizer a lawn or garden needs. Science-based, reliable analysis and unbiased recommendations let you escape hit-or-miss gardening and lawn care. Contact the Buchanan County Extension office today to find out how to collect a sample to bring in for analysis. The analysis is done at the University of Missouri Soil and Plant Testing Laboratory in Columbia at a cost of $13.

If you would like information on growing grass in shady areas, call or stop in at the Buchanan County Extension Office and ask for guide sheet G6725, "Grasses in Shade: Establishing and Maintaining Lawns in Low Light." You can also find the Horticulture Tip for July at:  http://extension.missouri.edu/nwhort/Hort-Tips-July2014.aspx

Preparing for Canning

With gardens finally taking off, now is a good time to look ahead to the harvest and think about food preservation by preparing for canning season. Specific information on recommended jars and lids can be found in the MU Publication GH 1452, Quality for Keeps:  Steps to Success in home Canning at http://extension.missouri.edu/p/GH1452.  Before canning this season, have the pressure gauge on the canner tested for accuracy. Bring it in to the Buchanan County Extention office. The testing is free of charge.

Missouri Cash Rental Rates for 2013

The Missouri Cash Rental Rates for 2013 are available now at http://agebb.missouri.edu/mgt/cashrent/index.htm or view the PDF guide.

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