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4H baking nuts   4H baking nuts

 4-H preparing baked nuts

Cooking Matters® at the Store Tours

Want to save money at the store? Need some tasty and healthy recipes? Practice some buying and comparing skills and sharpen skills to help you stick to your budget. Tours are being held at Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market, 5261 N Antioch Rd, Kansas City, Mo and at the Red-X, 2401 NW Platte Rd, Riverside, Mo. After the tour receive a free $10 grocery gift card, free workbook, and reusable grocery bag. (RED-X FLYER)  Questions, contact Amy Vance, Nutrition and Health Education Specialist to register for one of the four sessions being held in December. 816-407-3490 or vanceam@missouri.edu.

Northland Grandfamilies

Are you a grandparent raising grandchildren?  Based on the most recent census data, over 4,000 grandparents in the Northland are living with grandchildren under the age of 18.

If you or someone you know is a grandparent, aunt or uncle raising children get information and more details on the “Northland Grandfamilies” program.  View the information flyer (PDF) for general monthly support group meeting dates.

Business Classes Available

Two classes to assist entrepreneurs in getting off to the right start are being offered by University Extension in cooperation with the Full Employment Council.  Classes are being offered in four locations. First Steps to Starting a Business is a 4-hour class that provides an overview of the critical first steps associated with starting a business. Basics of Writing a Business Plan is a 2-hour session designed for those who want to know how to create a business plan that will be a useful management tool for their business. For more details or to see if you qualify as a Missouri Dislocated Worker, contact Richard Zarate, zarater@missouri.edu or 816-407-3496.
Information Flyer (PDF)