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FNP FY ‘15 Approved Youth Curriculum

Show Me Nutrition Curricula

Ages 4-5 Let's Read about Healthy Eating
Ages 5-6 Adventures in Nutrition with the Show-Me Chef
Ages 6-7 Fun with Food & Fitness
Ages 7-8 Food Group Express
Ages 8-9 Building My Body
Ages 9-10 Choosing Foods for Me
Ages 10-11 Exploring the Food Groups
Ages 11-12 Digging Deeper
Ages 12-14 Choices and Challenges

Food Power and Food Power Young Adventure

Ages 4-7 FPYA – Healthily Ever After
Ages 5-10 FPYA – Food Power Roundup
Ages 8-10 FPYA – Healthy You Revue
Ages 5-11 Food Power

Special Focus / Summer / Supplemental Curricula

Ages 4-6 Grow It. Try It. Like It.
Ages 4-12 Summer Library Reading Program
Ages 4-18 Eating from the Garden
Ages 5-12 The Lewis and Clark Expedition, a Journey of Food Discovery
Ages 5-13 Serving Up MyPlate: A Yummy Curriculum
Ages 6-15 Kids in the Kitchen
Ages 7-9 The Great Garden Detective Adventure
Ages 9-12 Jump Into Action
Ages 9-13 Cooking Matters for Kids
Ages 10-15 FRIDGE
Ages 11-18 Dig In!
Ages 14-18 Live It
Ages 14-18 Cooking Matters for Teens

FNP FY ‘15 Approved Adult Curriculum

Adult Curriculum

Ages 18 and over Eating Smart, Being Active
Ages 18 and over FRIDGE
Ages 18 and over Cooking Matters for Adults
Ages 18 and over Cooking Matters in the Store
Ages 18 and over Small Steps to Health and Wealth
Ages 18 and over Getting Healthy Through Gardening
Ages 60-74 Eat Smart, Live Strong

Approved Resource List for FY ‘15

SMNED – Adult

  • Breakfast
  • Childhood Obesity
  • Consumer Smarts
  • Discretionary Calories
  • Drink to Your Health
  • Facts of Fat
  • Fiber
  • Food Label
  • Food Safety
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Functional Foods
  • Grains
  • Healthy Celebrations
  • Healthy Eating on a Budget
  • Healthy Eating on the Run
  • Healthy Snacking
  • Protein (formerly Meat and Beans)
  • Milk / Dairy
  • Be Active Your Way – Adults (formerly My Activity Pyramid for Adults)
  • Be Active Your Way – Kids (formerly My Activity Pyramid for Kids)
  • Build a Healthy Plate
  • Nutrition and Learning
  • Packing Foods to Keep Them Safe
  • Phytonutrients
  • Supersizing of America
  • Vegetarian
  • Whole Grains

SMNED in Food Power – Adult

  • Drink to your Health
  • Facts on Fat
  • Food Label
  • Healthy Snacking
  • Supersizing of America
  • MyActivity Pyramid for Kids
  • Phytonutrients

FNEP State Displays – Adult and Youth

  • Break the Fast
  • Fill in the Gaps with Healthy Snacks
  • FNEP promo display (participant) – banner-type display
  • FNEP promo display (agency) – banner-type display
  • Foods to Grow On
  • Family Meals
  • Family Time Active and Fun
  • MyPlate poster display
  • The Supersizing of America
  • Think Your Drink

WIC MOWINS display topics – Adult

  • Breakfast
  • Consumer Smarts
  • Drink To Your Health
  • Facts on Fat
  • Family Meals
  • Family Time Active and Fun
  • Food Label
  • Food Safety
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Grains
  • Healthy Eating on a Budget
  • Healthy Snacking
  • Milk
  • MyActivity Pyramid for Adults
  • MyActivity Pyramid for Kids
  • MyPyramid: Meat and Beans
  • Phytonutrients
  • Supersizing of America
  • Whole Grains



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