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Should a child visit an incarcerated parent?

by Rick Smith, MO_AFCC KC area lunch and learn presentation, August 2010


4-H LIFE Families: News Article and Associated Photo Galleries

4-H LIFE program at Potosi Correctional Center featured in Daily Journal Online, July 2010


Research: Increasing our Knowledge about Parental Incarceration

by Joyce A. Arditti, PhD, department of human development, VA Polytechnic Institute and State University; 4-H LIFE evaluation consultant; University of Missouri-Columbia, February 2009


Testimonials from dads in the Potosi 4-H LIFE program

MU Cooperative Media Group, November 2004

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"The situation in the visiting room is very structured and restricted…"

"In the 4-H program we're able to hug, and just talk on a human-to-human relationship — a father-to-child relationship…"

"The 4-H program gives us an opportunity to spend… quality time with our kids…"

"The LIFE program here at Potosi Correctional Center includes a 4-H club where the kids can meet with their dads…"

"That's what I like about 4-H. No matter what the setting is, the parents can learn as much as the kids can learn, and they can learn together.…"

"It's a much more relaxed atmosphere. You can see fathers and sons and fathers and daughters doing the typical things that they do out on the street…"

"It's given me the opportunity to relate to my grandkids and my kids on a basis that I never had before…"

"We take photographs…and create a history together as parent and child…"

"…To share some moments together. You know, a letter, that's nice, but it just doesn't express it…"

Prison Dad, VHS or DVD

Potosi Correctional Center
by Lincoln University Cooperative Extension
Available for checkout, contact:


4-H LIFE Program, DVD

Potosi Correctional Center, 2006
Available for checkout, contact:


Program participants reciting 4-H club pledge

Women's Eastern Correctional Center 4-H LIFE program, Spring 2010
WMA audio file

4-H Youth gain lIfe skills through summer gardening

4-H Youth learn about life skills through summer gardening featured in the Cass County Democrat Missourian June, 2014



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