Food preservation

What is the window for maintaining food in a fridge or freezer when the electricity goes out and you’re able to add ice or dry ice?

For information on food maintenance, please see Quality for Keeps: Freezer Problem Solver: http://extension.missouri.edu/explorepdf/hesguide/foodnut/gh1506.pdf.

— Answer by Dave Baker


Does the current wet weather pattern translate into predictions for wet fall weather?

No. The wet pattern Missouri has experienced since May has no bearing on the upcoming autumn weather pattern.

Preliminary precipitation data from Missouri for the period May 1 to July 14, 2015 indicate an average statewide precipitation total of 19.46 inches, which already ranks this year as the sixth wettest May through July period on record for Missouri.


May 2015: 7.26 inches
June 2015: 7.30 inches
July 1 to 14, 2015: 4.90 inches
Total: 19.46 inches (So far, sixth wettest May to July on record and the wettest since 1993).

Links to May and June 2015 weather summaries for Missouri:

May: http://www.climate.missouri.edu/news/arc/jun2015b.php

June: http://www.climate.missouri.edu/news/arc/jul2015.php

— Answer by Pat Guinan